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An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield #2) Anna Must Find The Courage To Tell Lukas The Truth Will He Find The Courage To Forgive Her Anna Was Once Betrayed By Someone She Loved Deeply In An Attempt To Never Be Hurt Again, She And Her Mother Relocated To Middlefield, Ohio It Was The Ideal Place For Anna S Broken Heart To Mend In Middlefield, Anna Withdrew From Risk, Placing All Her Attention On Managing The New Gift Shop She And Her Mom Bought.When Lukas Introuces Himself, Anna Can T Resist Her Attraction To Him Though She Finds Herself Falling In Love, She S Hiding A Piece Of Her Past In Fear That Their Future Will Be Destroyed If She Tells Him The Truth.But Love Can T Be Built On Lies And The Past Comes Rushing Back To Anna In An Irreversible Way Now Lukas Must Decide How He Will React To Anna S Betrayal As They Cling To Their Belief In An Honest Love, They Realize It S A Path They Must Walk Together Even As It Leads To Unexpected Places I absolutely loved this story can not wait for the third book I bought it My favorite characters in this story is Elizabeth and Aaron I enjoyed this story very much but my favorite story was the first one so far. An Honest Love by Kathleen FullerI liked reading this series, Anna had her heart broke when her finance left abruptly and she keeps her feelings gaurded now, can anyone break through this barrier and show her love.Anna and her mother move to Ohio to start life anew. I loved this book It kept me hanging until the end loved the story of anna and Lukas, as well as the story of Aaron and Elisabeth I am pretty sure there will be to that story in the third book, which I am just starting. After a broken engagement and heart, Anna Esh has moved with her mother to Middlefield, Ohio and opened a gift store There she meets Lukas Byler, who soon is helping her with repairs at the store and slowly working his way into her heart But Anna is afraid to love and trust again and soon is keeping a secret from Lukas a secret that could ruin their relationship Meanwhile, Lukas s sister Elisabeth, who can be a bit scatterbrained, has started working for Gabe Miller Her work brings her in close contact with Aaron Detweiller, who spent some time in jail before straightening out his life The two seem complete opposites but opposites do attract if Aaron and Elisabeth learn to follow their hearts The Honest Love by Kathleen Fuller features two sweet romances set in the Amish community The title is an apt one as both couples Anna Lukas and Elisabeth Aaron struggle not only with being honest with each other but in their own feelings Anna is perhaps the deepest of all the characters as she is not only struggling with the betrayal of her ex fianc but with serious health issues that threaten to destroy her and Lukas s future You can t help but want to shake some sense into her as she struggles with these issues on her own You also can t help but feel sorry for Lukas as he realizes how much Anna has been keeping from him.As compelling as the Anna Lukas storyline is, I also much enjoyed the Elisabeth Aaron romance On the surface, it is a lighter hearted storyline as Elisabeth is

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