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Diary of an Ordinary Woman PDF Epub Diary Of An Ordinary Woman Author Margaret Forster Tanitiyor.us Margaret Forster Presents The Edited Diary Of A Woman, Born In 1901, Whose Life Spans The Twentieth Century On The Eve Of The Great War, Millicent King Begins To Keep Her Journal And Vividly Records The Dramas Of Everyday Life In A Family Touched By War, Tragedy, And Money Troubles From Bohemian London To Rome In The 1920s Her Story Moves On To Social Work And The Build Up To Another War, In Which She Drives Ambulances Through The Bombed Streets Of London.Here Is Twentieth Century Woman In Close Up Coping With The Tragedies And Upheavals Of Women S Lives From WWI To Greenham Common And Beyond A Triumph Of Resolution And Evocation, This Is A Beautifully Observed Story Of An Ordinary Woman S Life A Narrative Where Every Word Rings True.

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    Millicent King was a woman ahead of her time Feisty and independent from a very young age, she refused two proposals of marriage because she wanted to do something important but nonetheless embarked on a long term, secret, and passionate affair with one of her suitors a very liberated woman for the early 20th century.After having abandoned short lived jobs as shop girl and school teacher, Millicent trained for employment as a social worker, a profession still in

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    I picked up a used copy of this in the UK in Blackwell s in Oxford, I think , solely on the basis of having liked Lady s Maid and Forster s biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning I m glad I picked it up, because it s very good and happened to hit exactly the mood I was in The novel is in the form of a diary kept by a woman born in 1901, whose life spans almost the entire twentieth century Forster writes a long introduction in which she meets Millicent King and agrees

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    Sometimes when you buy a book, it turns out that you re setting aside a gift for your future self I bought this book almost two and a half years ago in a Charing Cross Road bookshop during my first trip to London and it s sat on my bookshelves ever since then I don t know what pushed me to pick it up a few days ago but I could almost instantly tell that it was a case of right book, right time I was deeply moved by the opportunity to follow one ordinary woman through her lif

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    I did not have high expectations of this book the title and the author s reputation persuaded me in advance that it would be light reading And indeed it was However, I have to admit to enjoying it farthan I expected The author claims at the start that she met the diarist, Millicent King, at her request so that she could re write the diaries she d kept throughout most of the twentieth century From then on we get edited highlights of the diaries interspersed with summaries or comme

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Like many other readers I initially thought Diary of an Ordinary Woman was a real diary and I was disappointed to discover that it is in fact a novel After I recovered from this disappointment I enjoyed the book a lot but as it got closer to the end it started to drag for me The author has done a wonderful job of tracing the major events of the twentieth century through the experience of one woman, and she

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    My mom recommended this and I absolutely loved it It s the diaries of a woman growing up through the wars in England, and spanning like Any Human Heart her whole life Clearly there s something about the diary memoir style that I really love Anyway, this book really showed me what things were like to be an ordinary person experiencing the wartime, the depression and all the cultural changes that followed 100 times better than a history lesson It really gets you to understand the values an My

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    I somehow didn t notice the word novel on the front cover and assumed the story was real This only slightly changed my opinion on the book still an interesting book but I would have loved her to have been real.

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    Millicent King was just an ordinary woman who lived through two world wars and the devastating loss that entails, into the age of anti nuclear, anti war, feminist protests and marches of the 1960 s and 1970 s and even beyond She was an early feminist, in her own way, who lived an unconventional, independent life, having a few lovers, and a long term relationship outside the bounds of marriage She seems to have been an incredibly strong woman In other words, not so ordinary, but extraordinary Millicent K

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    I have a dim recollection of really enjoying Private Papers by the same author, but was not as impressed by this The notion that is the edited diary of a real person, introduced by a fictional prologue with the author narrating as herself, was unconvincing, and the editorial notes throughout seemed merely a means of avoiding theemotionally complex elements of the text to which the fictional diarist always responds with si...

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    First half of the book I couldn t put it down, second half really dragged out too much and I found myself skimming pages towards the end The first half was all about Millicent herself as it should have been, but towards the end it was all about Connie and others and got quite boring Really enjoyed the earlier descriptions of life in the early part of the century, and especially wartime, but it was almost as if once the war was over Millicent had no life worth reporting so it was padded out First half of the book I

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