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Attachments Hi, I M The Guy Who Reads Your E Mail, And Also, I Love You Beth Fremont And Jennifer Scribner Snyder Know That Somebody Is Monitoring Their Work E Mail Everybody In The Newsroom Knows It S Company Policy But They Can T Quite Bring Themselves To Take It Seriously They Go On Sending Each Other Endless And Endlessly Hilarious E Mails, Discussing Every Aspect Of Their Personal Lives.Meanwhile, Lincoln O Neill Can T Believe This Is His Job Now Reading Other People S E Mail When He Applied To Be Internet Security Officer, He Pictured Himself Building Firewalls And Crushing Hackers Not Writing Up A Report Every Time A Sports Reporter Forwards A Dirty Joke.When Lincoln Comes Across Beth S And Jennifer S Messages, He Knows He Should Turn Them In But He Can T Help Being Entertained And Captivated By Their Stories.By The Time Lincoln Realizes He S Falling For Beth, It S Way Too Late To Introduce Himself.What Would He Say.

About the Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell writes books Sometimes she writes about adults ATTACHMENTS and LANDLINE Sometimes she writes about teenagers ELEANOR PARK, FANGIRL and THE SIMON SNOW BOOKS But she always writes about people who talk a lot And people who feel like they re screwing up And people who fall in love.When she s not writing, Rainbow is reading comic books, planning Disney World trips and arguing about things that don t really matter in the big scheme of things.She lives in Nebraska with her husband and two sons.More at rainbowrowell.com.

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    I had attempted to read this book a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn t feeling it and gave up after 40 pages Man, am I happy that I gave it a second chance This was so dang cute and surprisingly not cheesy despite the plot sounding like a total cheese fest I love how this wasn t just an adorable slow building romance, but it also follows Lincoln a

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    December 2015 I love you, book Sidenote After my first re read, this may not be my favorite Rainbow Rowell book any I still love it beyond reason, but I think she s just matured so much as an author, Carry On or Fangirl might overtake it when I get to them I guess we ll see February 2013 Falling in love with a book is exactly like falling in love with a p

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    CONTAINS SPOILERSThis book would have been sooo much better if not for the pathetic characters Meet Lincoln A 29 year old nerd who has multiple degrees, lives with his mom, plays dungeons and dragons on the weekend, is cripplingly awkward and hasn t been able to get over his high school sweetheart breakup for the past NINE years BUT WAIT LINCOLN ACTUALLY LOOKS LIK

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    Brilliant I loved everything about it, definitely a new favorite.

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    My office s IT support guy has a blonde ponytail and once serenaded me with an Enrique Iglesias song while I was stuck at the copy machine waiting for a fax to go through He was INTO IT He was acting like it was some deep, deep rock anthem that TOUCHED HIS SOUL Air acoustic guitar was involved I did what any normal person would do studiously avoided eye contact and went directly ba

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    This was such a good book It s one of those books that just makes you feel ridiculously happy I m glad that booksplosion chose it as the book of the month for May

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    This romance contemporary was creepy Not cute It felt like I was reading YA, not Adult and it was literally one step away from You by Caroline Kepnes The main character is basically described as a loser He s 28, plays D D, has no social skills, lives with his mom and has never gotten over his high school sweetheart BUT WAIT he s actually tall, muscular, hot and has multiple degrees Right.I honestly

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    Reread 6 13 18 Welp I still completely adore this book It definitely features some iffy stereotypes at times, but I still can t help but to get the warmest of fuzzies every single time I read this book Lincoln is the cutest and I just die every time Reread 11 3 17 Re read this for TBT this month and I mean is anyone at all surprised that I still adored this Look out for my TBT video going up next week to hea

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    i am looking at all the positive ratings and reviews people gave this book and only have one thought which is what the fuck.this is the creepiest and the most disturbing book i ve read in years there is the main character Lincoln who falls in love w this woman Beth while reading her e mails to her bestfriend yes, it s his job, e mails get flagged by the filter and he s supposed to send a warning to the person who wro

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