The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories PDF/EPUB ☆

The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories Contents William Sansom, Various Temptations MS Waddell, The Pale Boy Ray Bradbury, The Emissary Robert Bloch, Lucy Comes To Stay Richard Davis, Guy Fawkes Night Vivian Meik, The Two Old Women Alexander Woollcott, Moonlight Sonata Septimus Dale, The Little Girl Eater Rosemary Timperley, Harry Ray Russell, Sardonicus Robert Aickman, Ringing the Changes Hugh Reid, Dulcie MS Waddell, The Importance of Remaining Ernest Joseph Payne Brennan, Slime Adobe James, The Ohio Love Sculpture Davis Grubb, The Horsehair Trunk Alex Hamilton, The Attic Express Elliott O Donnell, The Haunted Telephone Sir Frederick Treves, The Elephant Man

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