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Everglades Doc Ford returns to his stilt house on Dinkin s Bay to find an old friend and one time lover waiting for him Her real estate developer husband has disappeared and been pronounced dead, and she s sure there s worse to follow and she s right Following the trail, Ford ends up deep in the Everglades, at the gates of a community presided over by a man named Bhagwan Shiva formerly Jerry Singh Shiva is big business, but that business has been a little shaky lately, and so he s come up with a scheme to enhance both his cash and his power Of course, there s the possibility that some people could get hurt and the Everglades itself damaged, but Shiva smells a killing And if that should turn out to be literally, as well as figuratively, truewell, that s just too damned badReplete with passion and rich, pungent prose and some of the best suspense characters anywhere in fiction, Everglades is the finest work yet from an extraordinary talent

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    Another solid and electrifying Doc Ford novel, in which our intrepid marine biologist and former assassin although, as we have learned, not so much former is pulled into a plot by a New Age guru, Shiva, bent on turning a huge tract of the Everglades into a casino resort A friend and former lover, S

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    Doc is out of shape and drinking too much Tomlinson is Tomlinson A woman Doc knew years earlier shows up at his house and tells him that her husband disappeared off a boat in the Atlantic and she would like proof of his death She has hired a PI to investigate She also tells him that her husband was invo

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    Since I haven t read most of the prior books maybe none of them , I m at a bit of a loss why Doc is so moody and walking around like the Pillsbury Doughboy in need of anti depression meds Even with that, this was a good entry into the series.The villain is appropriately dastardly and his sidekick is dealt wi

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    I thought I had lost Doc Ford forever after reading the last book of his I finished 1 star but happy to say he is back with this book I love the marine biologist living on Dinkin s Bay Florida along with his best friend Tomlinson People tend to go to Ford for help This time around,Doc finds a friend waiting at hi

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    I read the first half of this book over the course of two months while working a very physically demanding job outdoors in the summer I then finished the second half in a little less than two weeks after the job was finished This skews my perspective Was the ending really that good Maybe The pace definitely picked up

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    In this entry, Doc Ford is minding his own business when a former lover shows up.She s married now, and her husband has disappeared after joining a cult Like most cults, there is a very shady side to it, concerning a casino the cult wants to open on land owned by the Calusa Indians, a tribe consisting of the children of a

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    My first foray into this series They don t give a lot of background info, so while I could follow the story, I did feel like I was missing some of the nuance To nut shell it Doc Marion Ford is a nerdy marine biologist with a military past, studies bull sharks and has some penned up and some anger management issues like Bruce Ba

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    I like the Doc Ford mysteries and also enjoy reading them This story involves a cult church and the evil people who are running it, committing murder in its name, and just in general being nasty characters There are plot lines involving Native American tribes and others Doc finds himself in a depression but is able to function and d

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    I feel like the doc ford books are making a comeback I easily followed and enjoyed the story and who wouldn t love some Tomlinson quotes from his paper one fathom above sea level It s probably made better because I m sitting on sanibel beach as I type the review Hope could not exist if man were created by a random, chemical accident Plea

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    The dark side of Doc Ford comes to the rescue in this fascinating read Through in a religious New Age fanatic, his demented partner, a fling from the past equals another good read by RWW One of his better writings, fast paced, loaded again with aquatic facts and figures and of course Dinkins Bay What s better than that Highly recommend this w

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