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The Death of Grass Ebook The Death Of Grass John Christopher Ebats.us The Chung Li Virus Has Devastated Asia, Wiping Out The Rice Crop And Leaving Riots And Mass Starvation In Its Wake The Rest Of The World Looks On With Concern, Though Safe In The Expectation That A Counter Virus Will Be Developed Any Day Then Chung Li Mutates And Spreads Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye No Grass Crop Is Safe, And Global Famine Threatens.In Britain, Where Green Fields Are Fast Turning Brown, The Government Lies To Its Citizens, Devising Secret Plans To Preserve The Lives Of A Few At The Expense Of The Many.Getting Wind Of What S In Store, John Custance And His Family Decide They Must Abandon Their London Home To Head For The Sanctuary Of His Brother S Farm In A Remote Northern Valley.And So They Begin The Long Trek Across A Country Fast Descending Into Barbarism, Where The Law Of The Gun Prevails, And The Civilized Values They Once Took For Granted Become The Price They Must Pay If They Are To Survive.

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    Pity always was a luxury It s all right if the tragedy s a comfortable distance away if you can watch it from a seat in the cinema It s different when you find it on your doorstep on every doorstep Red Rice FieldIt was called the Chung Li Virus and first appeare

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    It s a depressing sack of sadness that this exceptional post apocalyptic story is notwidely read 534 ratings as of the time of this reviewa travesty I m going to try and spread some love and hopefully find this wonderful book somefriends with whom to spend the holidays Th

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    Another post apocalyptic novel The story is always the same, some agent, natural, military or even super natural, causes the end of civilization as we know it People in the know have stockpiled supplies, guns and a remote place that is hopefully impregnable by the starving hoardes

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    I don t know who it was that said we re only ever three meals away from revolution but this book brings that phrase to life by showing that, no matter how civilized we think we are, however stable our society seems to be, we are never that far away from barbarity.This book may have beenaptly

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    The world famous novel of the ultimate famine

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    A number of people have remarked at this novel s similarity to the novels of John Wyndham and I would agree up to a point I have always loved the novels of Wyndham and all his chilling elements run rife here That sense of Good grief, this could happen if such and such took place The disaster arising out of ordi

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    There s a good introduction in this edition that discusses, among other things, how this work compares with John Wyndham s Day of the Triffids and William Golding s Lord of the Flies In that analysis Day off the Triffids comes of badly.The reason for the comparison is obvious both are apocalyptic SF novels where plants a

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    I really wanted to give this book 4 stars as I was reading it I found it incredibly engrossing and the character and situation they find themselves in are pretty believable and amazing all at the same time However, like Day of the Triffids, this one left me cold at the end Where is the proper ending to this book Surely that couldn

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    This was a little bit of a slow starter but once I could see where things were heading every sentence was laden with a sense of dread and impending doom.A widow leaves a dreary London behind and returns to her girlhood home along with her sons She is anxious to reunite and repair her strained relationship with her dad and share the joy of a

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    How many pages are absolutely necessary to tell a gripping, frightening story 50 200 400 1200, in case your editor died Editors are extinct anyways My favorite is the shortest science fiction story written by Fredric Brown called The Knock , only two sentences long and as it happens has fewer words than this paragraph Here it is, in its entirety The

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