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Beauty: The Invisible Embrace Beauty does not linger, it only visitsYet beauty s visitation affects us and invites us into its rhythm,it calls us to feel, think, and act beautifully in the world to create and live a life that awakens the BeautifulBeauty is a gentle but urgent call to awaken Bestselling author John O Donohueopens our eyes, hearts, and minds to the wonder of our own relationshipwith beauty by exposing the infinity and mystery of its breadth His wordsreturn us to the dignity of silence, profundity of stillness, power of thought andperception, and the eternal grace and generosity of beauty s presence In this masterfuland revelatory work, O Donohue encourages our greater intimacy with beauty andcelebrates it for what it really is a homecoming of the human spiritAs he focuses on the classical, medieval, and Celtic traditions of art, music, literature,nature, and language, O Donohue reveals how beauty s invisible embraceinvites us toward new heights of passion and creativity even in these uncertain timesof global conflict and crisis

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    A beautiful book written by a beautiful man, John O Donohue s Beauty is filled with such inspiring words I found it difficult, almost inappropriate, to read even a chapter straight through since many lines invite us to reread and linger with their fragrance for days Here are several such lines coupled with my brief comments, taken from two of my favorite chapters The Call to Be

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    The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart The earth is not outside us it is within the clay from where the tree of the body grows In written form, this would perhaps be the kind of book one would read now and then when the mood struck A book to set a mood, a book to have you sit a spell and ponder, as my grandfather was wont

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    This is one of those rare books that sound as though it were written by an angel, and the sort of writing that cannot be paraphrased It left a gentle impression upon me and even , it renewed my perception After I read just the beginning, an ordinary task like preparing lunch felt sacred to me I relished the shapes and colors of spinach leaves Beauty visited me , and through the p

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    I recently learned that my good friend John O Donohue had died in his sleep in January 2008 while in Paris We had not spoken since 2006 The last time we got together was in Galwey, Ireland in the Spring of 2004 I ve downloaded every video and audio I could find on the Internet after spending a day in my own private Memorial Observance What a sweet and yet critical soul I have thre

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    This is an author that came Highly recommended to me, so now I m waiting to read the book But here s an excerpt from his Reflections Once you start to awaken, no one can ever claim you again for the old patterns Now you realise how precious your time here is You are no longer willing to squander your essence on undertakings that do not nourish your true self your patience grows thi

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    A much needed treatise in an age where beauty has been exploited sexualized, commercialized, and objectified If you are wishing to reconnect with the sacredness of beauty your own, others , and that of the world around you then delve into this sincere attempt to honor that which is a true gift to humanity.

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    As an author who fancies that he has some facility for using language, reading Beauty was truly a humbling experience In fact, other than Thomas Wolfe of You Can t Go Home Again fame, in my sixty nine year reading odyssey I have never encountered a writer with such a gift of language as John O Donohue, and I highly recommend reading Beauty to experience of the author s incredible abi

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    A book to linger over And I did,mornings than not, for a year O Donohue sees everything from a different perspective atrue, hidden, mystical perspective that I hope leeches into me every time I open the book The Music of Beauty and Color of Beauty were memorable but clearly were written by a poet author peering into these areas rather than looking out from Some of the facts about colo

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    I really, really like O Donohue s poetry and I could tell that the quality of thinking and philosophical exploration in this book of essays is one piece of what allows him to write the high quality poems blessings that he has Still, I didn t find the essays particularly compelling or useful There were some snippets and I ll quote some of those below but they came at too great a distanc

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    O Donohue had an ability to exquisitely explain mysterious and philosophical concepts that I ve tried to foggily contemplate in a poetic but still accessible way He gives well crafted words and explanations to things I could not find words for myself One might think this book is about visual beauty, and it is in some ways, but it iscomprehensively a book about life and the human experie

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