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Skippyjon Jones Shape Up Skippyjon Has An Overactive Imagination And He Is Pretty Active Himself Here He Shapes Up With Shapes He Runs In A Circle, Tap Dances On A Square, Orbits An Oval And Then The Great Sword Fighter Shows His Muscles

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    Skippyjon Jones is ready to shape up i like this book becase its about all shapes its a good and fun way to make your children learn the shapes and the names of the shapes the book has 7 pages front and back, and the book is a littleadvance the book would be good for 5 year olds and up.

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    This is a short board book featuring the beloved Skippyjon Jones He plays with various items in different shapes like a heart balloon, a circle, and an octagon The shapes are good things for young readers to learn, but the vocabulary used to describe the shapes is too high for the intended audience For instance, words like orbit, teeter, and crescent would require muc

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    This is a great book to teach young students about different types of shapes Teachers can definitely use this book at a beginning of a lesson on shapes This book is both engaging and also simple enough for kids to read on their own and visually see the different shapes in a book This will also be a great book that teachers can base their lessons on Teachers can build o

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    This is a cute book about a cat who workouts out while teaching children about shapes I like how weaves together staying healthy with teaching about shapes It was also cute how a lot of the pages included alliterations I would definitely use this book to teach...

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    This was cute I liked the antics of Skippyjon as he posed throughout the board book Even though this book was really simplistic in nature, the funny little pictures of Skippyjon as he incorporated shapes with keeping IN shape accurately portrayed Skippyjon s hilarious personality and made the book...

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    My favorite kitty cat who thinks he is a chichuhua is back In this one, he shows little readers the various shapes and turns them into exercises Whether he is balancing a turquoise diamond on his nose, runni...

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    The funniest thing about this book si the back cover.It says Skippyjon is an active kitty boy Uh, the last page of the book has him looking in a mirror, and the face looking back is a photo of a chiguagua Lol Someone didn t read the book My 14 month old really liked it though.

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    Learn shapes through the exercises of Skippyjon Jones Read online that books read online We Give Books earn books for local elementary schools.

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    Fun introduction of Skippyjon to our youngest Thanks for another fun book, Amy Not a storybook a concept book for the youngsters who are enjoying learning things like shapes that there are many fun ways to exercise

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    Skippyjon takes the child age 0 4 and teaches them shapes in a fun way Skippyjon stays in shape by running in a circle or dancing on a square This is a fun and simple way to discuss and teach basic shapes I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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