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Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror Robert Young Pelton first became aware of the phenomenon of hired guns in the War on Terror when he met a covert team of contractors on the Afghanistan Pakistan border in the fall ofPelton soon embarked on a globe spanning odyssey to penetrate and understand this shadowy world, ultimately delivering stunning insights into the way private soldiers are usedEnter a blood soaked world of South African mercenaries and tribal fighters backed by ruthless financiers Drop into Baghdad s Green Zone, strap on body armor, and take a daily high speed ride with a doomed crew of security contractors who dodge car bombs and snipers just to get their charges to the airport Share a drink in a chic hotel bar with wealthy owners of private armies who debate the best way to stay alive in war zones Licensed to Kill spans four continents and three years, taking us inside the CIA s dirty wars the brutal contractor murders in Fallujah and the Alamo like sieges in Najaf and Al Kut the Deep South contractor training camps where ex Special Operations soldiers and even small town cops learn the ropes the contractor conventions where macho attendees swap bullet punctuated tales and discuss upcoming gigs and the grim Central African prison where contractors turned failed mercenaries pay a steep priceThe United States has encouraged the use of the private sector in all facets of the War on Terror, placing contractors outside the bounds of functional legal constraints With the shocking clarity that can come only from firsthand observation, Licensed to Kill painstakingly deconstructs the most controversial events and introduces the pivotal players Most disturbingly, it shows that there are indeed thousands of contractors with hundreds being produced every month who ve been given a license to kill, their services available to the highest bidder

About the Author: Robert Young Pelton

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Young Pelton author readers around the world.

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    Read as research for WIP A look at the outsourcing of the war on terror from the perspective of the men on the ground I m sure there are some women on the ground, but none are cover in this book The primary focus is on the line between private security contractors and mercenaries.Contractors are hired to defend specific people and properties from attack Mercenaries make up full blown armies for hire, able to kick out rebels, overthrow govern

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    I m torn about this book On the one hand, it s a fairly balanced study of the phenomenon of private military contractors with a lot of really interesting information in it On the other hand, it s poorly organized, often back tracking to cover ground that has already covered earlier in the book, and the prose is frequently confusing and stilted The unimaginative title gives you a pretty good idea of Mr Pelton s literary skills At one point Pelton say

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    A The journalist should not insert himself into every story Who are you Scott Pelley B Like my 4th grade teacher used to tell me cite your sources Nothing screams Bullshit like an anonymous source.C The writing sucks.In short, a poorly written executed documented book on a fascinating IMO and current subject that many are curious about.

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    A masterful and balanced study of a complicated topic The author avoids demonizing the people who work in privatized military companies PMCs , some of which do and some of which don t fit the definition of mercenaries, while making clear the dangers the industry itself poses to our national security, the people of the societies where they are working, and international order He focuses primarily on Iraq but also examines quite a few other places and situations, pre

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    Meh The writing is a bit stilted, with pronouns used ambiguously Often requiring re reading a page before discovering that the he in question is not the he you thought Apart from such flubs, the book could be divided into 3 parts The first is the alternating kiss the butt of Blackwater, then distance yourself to appear unbiased, shtick.The second is ride along in Iraq with Blackwater.The third is discuss African mercenaries and one highly public wannabe Rambo in the mideas

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    Modern Mercenaries13 September 2013 Based on what I have seen on Goodreads maybe I should have read Corporate Warriors instead of this book because people have described that book as the quintessential book on the private security industry but the reason I ended up getting this book was because the title caught my attention when I was perusingand decided to place an order In a nutshell it is an interesting book that explores the aspects of the private security industry that has ar

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    Robert Young Pelton writes excellent adventure books except they aren t fiction What I appreciate about this is the full view This book does not read like an issue of Soldier of Fortune It s not a left wing diatribe against the military industrial patriarchy It tells the reader how we got here and the forces and people that brought us here It spares a lot of judgment and describes why paramilitary forces are all the rage and will continue to be so We learn how protection becomes mercenar

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    Really enjoyed the book and the details inside about the author s experience I wouldnt say he was critical but honest I do think the word mercenary was tossed around a bit too much and not used by the State Dept standards Another aspect is that any consideration into this subject would have to include the nature of Goverments and Armed forces, capabilites and altruistic actions.

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    About the only useful information in this book was the background on how Blackwater got started and the details of the failed coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea The book was scattered no chapter logically followed any other chapter and full of anecdotes of uber masculine risks and debauchery Plus it s a bit outdated.

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    Robert Young Pelton shines a light on the secretive and sometimes dark world of PMCs Great stuuf.

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