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The Postmistress The Sunday Times bestseller The Postmistress by Sarah Blake is a heart rending and profoundly moving story of love and loss in World War IIIt is , and bombs fall nightly on LondonIn the thick of the chaos is young American radio reporter Frankie Bard She huddles close to terrified strangers in underground shelters, and later broadcasts stories about survivors in rubble strewn streets But for her listeners, the war is far from homeListening to Frankie are Iris James, a Cape Cod postmistress, and Emma Fitch, a doctor s wife Iris hears the winds stirring and knows that soon the letters she delivers will bear messages of hope or tragedy Emma is desperate for news of London, where her husband is working she counts the days until his returnBut one night in London the fates of all three women entwine when Frankie finds a letter a letter she vows to deliver The Postmistress is an unforgettable story of three women their loves, their partings and the secrets they must bear, or bury A beautifully written, though provoking novel that I m telling everyone to read Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help A brilliant story, beautifully crafted, that touches the heart and captures the imagination Sunday Express Unforgettable, heart wrenching, captivating A profoundly moving story of love, loss and life in war time Sunday Independent Heartbreaking Daily Express A World War Two blockbuster with echoes of Atonement Red A moving tale that will stay with you long after the final page Good HousekeepingSarah Blake lives in Washington, DC with her husband, the poet Josh Weiner, and their two sons

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    There are tons of great stories set during WWII This is not one of them It s not even much of a story, it just sort of meanders and then peters out The main characters aren t muchthan plot devices or symbols in fact, the only people worth caring about are the mostly nameless refugees fleeing the Nazis, and the Londoners living through the Blitz The sections of the book f

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    This books leaves way too much to be desired Blake s book is purportedly a gripping glimpse into the lives of three women whose experiences during the second world war become interconnected Unfortunately the only thing gripping about this book was the overwhelming sense of confusion that envelopes the reader in his or her attempt to understand why this woman s book was ac

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    This was such a moving story I just wanted to close the book, lie back and just think about it And even now, I still do not want to clutter up this story with my own words So I will begin by adding the opening of the book as the beginning of what kept me reading through the night, long into the beautiful day outside, with in between a quick return to reality to answer the

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    The year is 1941 Bombs are falling on London shattering buildings, followed by a silence that is almost deafening Folks huddle in underground shelters waiting for the next explosion, reeking of fear, despair hanging heavy in the air All of them waiting for the All Clear siren to sound so they can venture outside to discover who and what has been destroyed with this latest b

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    I listened to this book on audio This book really delivered Takes place during WWII but is incredibly unique Iris James in Franklin, Cape Cod, watches the comings and goings of her town The people here think that the war won t touch them They are quite ignorant of what is going on in Europe.In London, Frankie Bard is working with Edward Murow commenting on the Blitz She take

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    Snooze fest I had a difficult time finishing this book And, in the end, I never really got it I wantedof an emotional punch Three storylines wove together in the small Cape Cod town of Franklin in the months leading up to the U.S s involvement in WWII So, there were 3 opportunities for catharsis I had zero Blake managed to draw things out for one of the two love stories so th

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    The Postmistress is set in the years 1940 41, both on Cape Cod and in Europe The reader follows the paths of three women Emma, Iris, and Frankie as Europe experiences Hitler s fury and Americans wonder if they will enter the war Emma has just married Will, a doctor on Cape Cod She wants to make a good impression on the people there, and make a good home for her husband Iris is

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    I found this to be a gripping read, exploring the emotions of several people, mainly radio reporter Frankie Bard, as they see the impact of war and struggle with their own responses to what they see The sections describing the beginning of radio reporting with Edward R Murrow, and the confusion and chaos of Jewish refugees trying to escape the Nazis are powerful and riveting Th

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    World War II historical fiction set in 1941 in both a small town near Boston and London during the Blitz The story focuses on five people, four of whom live in a small town in Massachusetts Iris is the postmaster, who exhibits an almost obsessive need for order Will is the local doctor, trying to overcome his father s tainted reputation Emma is Will s bride, an orphan dealing wi

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    This book has the potential to be great, but it s not I had to force myself to finish it This book read like a rough draft With some major editing and workshopping it COULD have been good Unfortunately, it was almost unreadable for me I was interested in all of the main characters, but because the author jumped from different points of view so often, I felt like none of the chara

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